Independent of proprietary systems

Each project's specific requirements are always of primary importance to determine the best suited solution. We are used to implement the most economical solution containing the latest technology based on our independence to procure and select systems and components to fit the application.

Exploiting synergies

Complex systems require integrated solutions. Co-operation between the members of the METZ Group and the close involvement of our partners in customer projects are essential to achieve the optimum solution for our customers.


Even when conditions are different, we do not allow ourselves to become distracted from our goal to offer our customers the most economic and efficient solution for their problem or need - solutions which are underpinned by the experience of each of the METZ Group's individual member companies.


METZ is always in step with emerging trends of a dynamic international market place. Our international experience and our flexible management are the basis for this achievement. A flat management hierarchy in the METZ Group leads to a rapid decision-making process - both now an in the future.