Welcome to the World of Metz!

Dear Visitors,

in its successful eighty years history Metz Anlagentechnnik GmbH has acquired valuable experience in a great variety of engineering fields and products.

As a result we are ready to explore and accept new challenges in keeping with our corporate values of flexibility, commitment to quality, and willingness to take well-calculated risks. These values are of great importance to us in our relations with our customers and in the past have proven to be the basis of our success.

The Metz Anlagentechnnik GmbH derives its particular strength from a wide range of services it can offer, and from the synergies that arise from the wealth of knowledge inherent in its individual business sections. Giving these strengths and our past history, we are at all times prepared to respond to changes in market needs, and to apply our extensive experience to maximizing the benefit to our customers and associates.

We want to do more than simly meeting our contractual obligations. We strive to win the trust of our customers by providing dedicated support and superior quality.

We do not want to become the biggest - we want to be the best!